~`~Lost in my comfort zone… Locked in a box!~`~ The coaching to beat my fear…

…Being afraid is not a choice, it has never been, and never will be. To be scared is to lock your self inside a narrow space, out of light, and zero population room. Two days ago, a life skill coach asked me:” why haven’t you achieved your goals yet?” …

…Before giving the answer I froze for 5 seconds, paying attention to the gazes, murmuring, and whispering of others on how I Act or what I am ever going to say. I answered with my two shivering lips: “Iam scared!”. He nodded his head, and an exclamation mark drew on his forehead, : “ scared of what?”, “ Maybe of being mocked, misunderstood, and failing!” I replied…

… Then nothing, but silence again for an additional 5 seconds. The coach sat down and looked at me with a lot of intensity in his eyes , he said: “ being afraid will get you no where! Its like spending all the money you have on a piece of jewel and never wearing it is somehow crazy, keeping it away from people’s sight for being scared that it might be stolen, or mocked is not a choice either. This jewel is your talent, don’t lock it, feel free to make it shine as bright as you want it to shine, and when ever you think your going to lose it, think confidently, work harder to improve, but never dare to stop, stop is not an option either! You see, determination will open you paths of successs!” …


P.S.: I love my followers, and my motivators. Please feel free to comment. I do care about your thoughts, and write down if there is any kind of correction needed.

🌸Thank you🌸

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