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HERE’S TO A NEW 365_ WHITE PAGES! Create new memories, make new friendships, grab into each opportunity, and pass all challenges🍀🙏

Bye Bye 2🕳2🕳

Hello 2🤍2☝️, please be good!🙏


By the end of this year, I just want to be thankful that my family is safe and right next to me! Thankful for all the good and fortunate moments I’ve passed through and made me who I am today, as well Thankful for the hard-luck footsteps I caught up on, for within those hard times and situations, I struggled and learned how to make right out of wrong!


I am grateful, for within one year I was able to find a job that suits my skills and abilities, grateful for making new friendships, that I will hold onto them as long as we keep true and faithful for each other. I am grateful for believing in my self! Grateful for leaving such a wonderful print of memories in 2020 at every little corner I went to with people I love!


I am blessed, for being able to live one more year! To still have a soul that dreams and lives within hardship and catastrophic disease that wrecked half of the world’s hope!!

I am damn blessed!!! For being able to breathe, see, hear, walk, and jump my heart up even when locked up in such a quarantine!🕳

It was a dreadful year! No one can deny that! But we are still thankful, Grateful, blessed! And no one can deny that!🍀


🍻Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right!!🍀

#Thankful #grateful #positivevibes#happy#joy#newyear#blessed#alive#hope#life

🍀Wish you all a happy, prosperous, and filled with love new year!!!💌💞💫🍀

A Letter to my Mom♡

Dear mom,

A kiss on a forehead, a warm hug from thee, I long for your tenderness, and guiding me, I shall curve your remembrance in my heart for as long as I live, and for as long as you live within me…

I am trying really hard each and every single day to make it through without you in this life, one moment you were just here next to me like you never left my side, and the other it’s just seconds and your gone for life.

I losing your tenderness, support, and unconditional love was the hardest thing I thought I’d never pass through, however I did, and I had firmly been forced to live and accept this sorrowful circumstances, whether I like it or not.

I scorn the day you passed away, the path and the inevitable destiny you had to go through. Sometimes I blame life, and sometimes I blame myself, and between this dilemma of life and I, I forget that it is God’s Will.

“A mother’s love goes beyond seas and oceans, valleys and mountains, its so big it can’t bare the whole world.”

Going through denial, confusion, patience, and acceptance was not tolerable.

♧Denial: it all began when I heard the new, and refused to accept the hard fact life had given me.

♧Confusion: moments when I felt your existence even though you weren’t real any more, the fact I witness your shadows in my dreams, I approach your figure, and then you just disappear! The fact I call you multiple of times as loud as I could, and no sound comes out, and your just gone.

♧Patience: It’s a new nerve-wracking stage, it’s the fine line between stepping back to confusion or move on to accept the fact that someone dear, who was the light to my darkness, the comfort to my sadness, and joy to my life, is no longer here no more. And that’s a tough realism I must live within.

♧Acceptance: It’s the Small footsteps of a newborn baby, the time to be encouraged to strode the rest on my own, no more leaning back on my mom anymore, no more guidance, its just me and this long endless fight.

Mom, when I passed those struggling stages, it didn’t mean I forget you, or I’ll never think about you, it means that now I am strong enough to face all the challenges on my own, and I want you to be happy for me, Cause I curved your love in my heart, and your guidance in my soul, and I shall always be blessed by your prayers for as long as I survive…

Your beloved daughter,

P.s.: Mom, I love you, And I always will!


Leave a Space!

Without a single doubt life can be easy, when we get rid of useless people taking too much space in our life, and without a doubt it takes us a lot of courage to do so. Sometimes we wrong our own self when we surround ourselves with mistakes, and by mistakes I mean bad choices, bad human beings.

We try to put too much effort for someone who don’t get us, we give care and love, meanwhile all we receive is negligence, this is the stage where we lose our dignity.

“In every mistake we fall into, there is a lesson we try to get to”

Well! Said by me.
It’s true! For every bad choice we pass through, there is an experience that teaches us how to deal with upcoming difficult situations, with integrity and patience.

Our reliance and dependency on people who doesn’t give a damn about us, was never a choice either. When our attention falls on those type of human beings, we tend to be fully blind for those who give us the ultimate care and attention we really in need for.

Once James Keller said: “ A candle loses nothing by lightening another candle”

Don’t get too excited. Care is important, probably the most needed action in our risky world. We lose nothing when we ask about others, help them, and support them in their needy time. Its a sign of our humanity. However, when I give you my light so you can shine in the darkness, and then I dim will you be there in my darkest moments, to make my world shine as so I did to yours? Or will you leave me in the cold, muddy road helpless and all alone?

A numerous number of people has passed through my life, Some of them I still do remember for their nice attitude, since they stood by me in good and hard to handle moments. While others I can’t even remember their initials, since their existence was like their absence, never meant anything, for what I did was leaving a space!


P.s.: It has been a long time since I’ve posted! I hope you enjoy reading this new piece. And don’t forget to comment down below.

Have you ever had a similar situation where you had to seriously give a space? When did that happen? With whom? And Why?

I would be so excited to read your stories!

🌸Thank you🌸

How to Make Good Choices! Strike for the best one! Set an Aim, take a chance, work, work, and work¡

How to make good choices… why!

… Before my big declared graduation from the university, everything seemed dull and clustered in an un_organized way. Well! Allow me to take you way… way… way back to my first painful years as a freshment. Ouch! It brings me back bad, moderate, and good memories.
My story began when I was trying to find my major! Would I rather major in something that brings me a reliable income? or would I just follow my dream and be who I want to be, without giving a damn to the results? At least I’ll make my dream a reality, as well as doing something I really like and enjoy. Making that choice was never easy, that’s why I thought about these two options:
YEP! THESE TWO CHOICES WHERE NEVER EASY! TRUST ME. However, what I did was something out of the ordinary, I did my own decision-making strategy… I know, I know what your thinking about. What is she talking about? Is that even a word? Short answer, yes it is.
Before going to sleep, I closed my eyes softly and imagined owning my own business, I kind of lived the moment! Yep! that’s not only crazy, but also impossible. I dived through my inner me, swam between my cognitive and emotional trails. I followed my deep-rooted self, and then it hit me: “ if everybody is doing it, does not mean I should do it either, may be it was meant for me to be different to choose the other path, to strike for wide dreams to grow bigger and bigger, so I will do so!” and added: “Girl! GO AND BREAK THE RULES!!!” and there it goes, I decided to go for what I love, to create something extraordinary.
Now, Iam an English Second Language teacher (ESL), still on my way to the top, and developing my skills hopefully to get me somewhere good! I graduated with an Honour list, and finally I am working on my Mastering degree!
See! Good choices need time, try to choose what is best for you, what suits your style, and what fits your size.
Do not look for your interests or your dreams in somebody’s eyes, just dig a little deeper and trust me you’ll be able to figure things out on your own, learn from other people’s experiences and plan, plan, plan.!!!

#Dream Big, Work Harder, Your there!

🌸Thank you🌸

~`~Lost in my comfort zone… Locked in a box!~`~ The coaching to beat my fear…

…Being afraid is not a choice, it has never been, and never will be. To be scared is to lock your self inside a narrow space, out of light, and zero population room. Two days ago, a life skill coach asked me:” why haven’t you achieved your goals yet?” …

…Before giving the answer I froze for 5 seconds, paying attention to the gazes, murmuring, and whispering of others on how I Act or what I am ever going to say. I answered with my two shivering lips: “Iam scared!”. He nodded his head, and an exclamation mark drew on his forehead, : “ scared of what?”, “ Maybe of being mocked, misunderstood, and failing!” I replied…

… Then nothing, but silence again for an additional 5 seconds. The coach sat down and looked at me with a lot of intensity in his eyes , he said: “ being afraid will get you no where! Its like spending all the money you have on a piece of jewel and never wearing it is somehow crazy, keeping it away from people’s sight for being scared that it might be stolen, or mocked is not a choice either. This jewel is your talent, don’t lock it, feel free to make it shine as bright as you want it to shine, and when ever you think your going to lose it, think confidently, work harder to improve, but never dare to stop, stop is not an option either! You see, determination will open you paths of successs!” …


P.S.: I love my followers, and my motivators. Please feel free to comment. I do care about your thoughts, and write down if there is any kind of correction needed.

🌸Thank you🌸


Why #trust?

This is why: 👇



Giving your trust to someone who barely #cares about you, is somehow tough. Its techniqually killing your self without noticing, and spiritually losing the sense of your own self_worth, plus neglecting your own responsibilities.

“To be #trusted is a greater compliment than being #loved.” – George MacDonald

Stop for a while!🤚 take a deep breath… Read the quote again and again, find out the keywords, then think about the link they form with the word trust. Easy!!!

Well said MacDonald! Well said!

I don’t need love, if it is not built upon trust. I don’t want trust, I need it like I need food, clothes, and shelter. Giving and recieving trust is a great deal, its like breathing to revive.

Allowing me to trust you, and believe in every single word you say, starts with your actions. ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS!

Upon what trust is given?

What a delimma!🤔

It depends upon the:

  • Person: if he/she is trust_worthy or they’re like everyone else who had failed us in our most difficult times.
  • Situations: being cheated on, mocked, and neglected are difficult situations which kept us locked in our own safe zone.

How trust is given?

Trust is given when they appreciate our #existence, value our #thoughts, and accepts our #beliefs. It is the act when our self_ worth is noticed by others.

P.s. 😊

This is my second topic am posting for now. My pieces are small in size and words, as well as written in a simple language.

Hope you enjoy it!

🌸Thank you🌸


  • Why can’t I have what others have?
  • Not having what they own means Iam #less worthy than them?!
  • Is my #value restricted to owning #expensive materials?
  • Thats why they don’t like me! I wish I had their #precious items! ………………………………………………….
  • The only answer is: No.
  • This is why: 👇
  • ~#Materialism dominates our world, our life, and significally our spirits. We are thinking about changing the way we look from #outside without altering what is within. We want fancy clothes, cars, and jewels, yet we don’t realise that others got them from life long challenges and hard work. Hearing the word #lavish, made us deaf, looking at richness caused us blindness, and sitting still waiting for prosperity, gave us #hopelessness. ~
  • ~We gaze at the #success of others, however, never noticing those long stairs they had been climbing on , one foot after another, the sweat of tiresome running down their forehead, their chopped hands as if there is river trail running through their palms, and their endless hardworking nights.~
  • ~We #want what others have, whilst we are not in #need for them. We wanna strode and show off. Being obsessed and demandful is not the key to #satisfy our needs. Better to say a lock. Its about being satisfied with what I already HAVE.~

P.S. 🤗

I HOPE you enjoy my three small reading pieces. Every new beginner should have the chance to take that one big step forward, and as a new one I’ll start from here.

😍Please let me know your comments!

🌸Thank you🌸